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New members are always welcome and there is no need to audition or to be able to read music. We have singers of all levels of experience within the choir ranging from complete beginners to very experienced singers, and we learn songs in a mixture of ways – by ear, with words or music copies and with take-home practice tracks.


If you’re interested in joining, we suggest that you come to try out a few rehearsals.


One of the special things about our choir is the huge age range from 9 to over 90! Most of our members are adults but children and young people are welcome to join the choir from school year 4 (ages 8/9) upwards. Where possible we encourage an adult family member to come along too.


The basic membership cost is £6.00 per month (£72.00 per year), although some members choose to donate more to our running costs and in cases of serious financial hardship a lower rate can be paid.  Membership is free for children living in Quinton or attending a Quinton school; we do, however, encourage parents to sponsor the child’s place wherever possible.

Rehearsal Venue:

St Boniface Church, Quinton Road West, B32 2QD

Mondays 7.00 - 8.30pm
FROM 10th JANUARY 2022

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