“I really look forward to coming each week singing all my stress away. I've made some lovely friends and everyone is so supportive of each other if there is an event to celebrate or mourn about. It doesn't matter if we read music or not... just that we all love to sing”

“To me the choir is about doing something just for me. It has increased my confidence, it's enjoyable and I have also made some friends along the way”

“I've been singing for many years but have noticed a significant improvement in my vocal ability since joining the choir”

“It's a really nice way to forget about life's worries”

“At a time of great emotional and physical challenge, the opportunity to get lost in music, especially singing, enables me to keep going!”

“Being part of the choir has given me a wonderful sense of achievement. Performing songs that we've worked hard on and seeing the positive responses from the audience is an amazing feeling. It's also brilliant for relaxation. No matter what the day has been like, I leave the choir feeling stress free and happy. I've made some great friends there too”